1959 UK Luxury Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 6569 In 14k Yellow Gold With JB Champion Jubilee Bracelet

I’ve never been much of a gold person. Be it luxury replica watches, money clips, key rings, or jewelry in general, I always gravitate towards sterling silver and stainless steel. We all know where I’m going with this right? Yeah, this little 1959 cheap fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual changed my mind. Who would have guessed it, right? Give me a chance to make the case here, I promise it will pay off.

An added benefit of living in NYC as a watch head is attending major auction house previews. These afford the opportunity to view, handle, and understand perfect super clone watches that don’t cross my desk at our website often. While admittedly not a gold watch owner, a few very gold watches have certainly caught my eye over the years. At the top of my gold list is a “Paul Newman Lemon” Rolex Daytona replica for sale, obviously. My interaction with most gold watches has usually come from the place of “that’s above my price range” anyways, so why not shoot for the stars? Last June, Phillips New York auctioned one of the best examples to come to market, a best 1:1 replica Rolex they coined “El Limoncito” as it came fresh from the original owner in Mexico, complete with a “Hecho in Mexico” Jubilee bracelet.

Now we’re here, talking about a watch that hammered at auction for around $2 million. Why, you ask? “El Limoncito” is the ultimate all-gold sports watch in the eyes of yours truly. Holding it at the auction preview was nearly a religious experience. Not since that faithful moment had I been taken by a gold Swiss made replica Rolex in the same way. That is, until this relatively humble ref. 6569 arrived at our online shop HQ.

I’ll admit, the emotion hit me fractionally lower than it did at Phillips but that is still incredible. This cheap fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual has a USA-made JB Champion Jubilee bracelet with much of the same heft as that “Hecho in Mexico” bracelet and the dial tone presents more towards lemon than the more standard UK aaa quality super clone Rolex champagne. In some lights, this dial is a bit rose-toned but in direct sunlight, it plays off of the yellow case for a more lemon feel. In 14k yellow gold with a US-market import mark and the US bracelet, the ref. 6569 we have here is very much the high quality replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual companion to the Daytona “El Limoncito” ref. 6264. If we were able to strip away the Daytona-ness and Newman-ness, what might be left is this watch. Get all the photos and details right here in the Shop.

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