1970 UK High Quality Fake Rolex Submariner 1680 (‘Red Sub’)

The storied 1:1 replica Rolex Submariner UK has earned its reputation thanks to generations of consistency and lore-building feats. The Submariner was first introduced in 1954, but wouldn’t receive a date complication until nearly 15 years later in the reference 1680. Early production runs of the new perfect fake Rolex Submariner with a date would receive a distinctive red line of text at the bottom of its dial, similar to what the then new Sea-Dweller collection was doing with the reference 1655.

The practice would phase out for both models by the mid ‘70s (with ~4.0M serial numbers), making nice examples of these cheap super clone watches highly collectible today. If you ask me, the subsequent dials with fully white lines of texts don’t quite have the same personality as exhibited by these early 1680 “Red Subs.”

This aaa quality replica Rolex 1680 ‘red’ features a MKII dial with open ‘6s’ and the red text of the ‘Submariner’ printed over white. The quickest way to identify it, though, might just be the thin typeface used for the ‘ft’ in the depth rating. When it comes to vintage Swiss movement fake Rolex, the dial is everything, and this one is evenly aged without too much patina, leaving much of the original character of the watch unchanged. The case is very strong, with clear chamfers along the outside of the lugs. This is a complete kit that dates to 1970. All in all, this a remarkable example of one of high quality copy Rolex’s finest eras.

Robb Report’s digital watch editor, Allen Farmelo, has purchased from this seller before, as have other people he knows, and they’ve always had good experiences.

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