Auctioned Watch #1: UK High Quality Replica Rolex ref. 4113 — €3,284,000

You knew this was coming. How could we not start with John Goldberger’s perfect replica Rolex ref. 4113 auctioned during Monaco Legend Auctions’ Exclusive Timepieces event? This is the ultra-rare Rolex that Goldberger popped open with a cheese knife he’d just wiped on his jacket during a conversation with Ben Clymer in a legendary episode of Talking Watches. Swiss made fake Rolex UK produced only 12 pieces of this 44mm stainless steel split-seconds chronograph in the 1940s. Of the 12, only nine are known to the public today.

Therefore, this is one of the rarest 1:1 Rolex fake watches currently out there and a grail for Rolex collectors. A remarkable fact is that the dials of the different ref. 4113s are slightly different. As a result, every single story of each of the 4113s is interesting and it makes this reference somewhat of an enigma. Goldberger’s aaa quality replica Rolex ref. 4113 features a tachymeter and a telemeter scale that is believed to have been blue but gracefully discolored over time, bringing some nuance to the beautiful dial.

At the heart of this rare watch is the Valjoux 55 VBR caliber. This column-wheel chronograph movement was for pocket fake watches online and measures 39mm in diameter, which explains the large 44mm case. Especially in the 1940s, this was a huge watch. But it’s also very slim to help make it wearable.

Whether the new owner will wear this fantastic acquisition is a mystery. We know that Monaco Legend Auctions pulled in €3,284,000 for the Swiss movement replica Rolex and the case opener/cheese knife that Goldberger got from a fan. While the knife is a fun prop, this special timepiece is seriously cool, so we thought we should kick off our list of recently auctioned high quality fake watches with it.

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