Cheap Replica Rolex tops the list for the World’s Most Reputable Companies

Top news: Rolex tops the list for the RepTrak World’s Most Reputable Companies list for 2016. The list is a study that the Reputation Institute conducts annually to measure the reputation of the world’s 100 most highly regarded and familiar companies in 15 countries. And this is the first year Replica Rolex Watches has topped the list, and the only watch brand on the top 100 list.


A closer look at the watch dial of the newly announced Rolex Air King.

The Reputation Institute

The Reputation Institute is a leading advisory firm on reputation. It conducts an annual survey across all industries and in 15 countries worldwide to come up with a ranking which they call the RepTrak Pulse. The methodology is complex, and can be found in their website. But as a basic primer, here are the essentials:

The process

RepTrak measures a company’s ability to deliver on stakeholder expectations on 7 key dimensions of reputation:

1.Products and Services

Each which will earn the company support from its stakeholders

3.Crisis proof
4.Verbal Support

The scores are tabulated and summarized in a score called the RepTrak Pulse, which is a measure of reputation. Companies scored out of a maximum of 100, and Fake Rolex Watches UK sits at the top in 2016 with a RepTrak score of 78.4.

Rolex’s scores and the top 5 (commentary)
Rolex was ranked no 4 in the 2015 rankings but rose to no 1 for 2016. What is also interesting is that there are no other watch brands in the Top 100 list. Two other companies with links to the watch space do appear in the list. LVMH at no 47, down from 44 last year and the Swatch Group at no 53, up from 58 last year.


Rolex stands with the likes of Walt Disney, Google, BMW, Daimler. Lego, Microsoft, Canon, Sony and Apple. Rolex was no 4 in 2015 and 2014 in the same list.


Looking at the chart above, it is interesting to note that Rolex scores lower in China, considered one of the largest watch markets, than it does in the US, Russia and Australia. But the China scores are still a very high, and consistently strong and robust. Comparable to the scores Rolex gets in the EU.

However, Rolex ranks Top 10 in the 11 out of 15 countries surveyed and this is a marked improvement over 7 out of 15 in 2015. Also of note that Best Fake Rolex is on the Top 10 across 3 out of 4 global regions. Ranking 8 in North America, 7 in EMEA and 1 in Asia. Only Google manages to be in the Top 10 in all 4 regions.

Fake Rolex-

Also of interest is that Rolex is the undisputed leader in the Products and Services category. Apple being the global leader for Innovation and Leadership, Walt Disney in Customer Service, Governance and Citizenship, and Google in Workplace and Financial Performance.

Interestingly Volksvagen‘s rankings took a huge dive from no 14 in 2015 to no 123 in 2016, no doubt due to Emissions Scandal. But it appears to only affect VW, and not the other members in the automobile industry. BMW and Daimler are still present in the Top 10, and Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Ford and General Motors have not seen significant changes to their scores.

Concluding thoughts

Rolex certainly is an amazing phenomena in both the watchmaking industry as well as a global business. They run a tight business, very serious, with great attention to detail. And the results show. Their score of 82.2 in the Products and Services segment and overall score of 78.4 to clinch the No. 1 position is indicative. Their products are consistently very high quality, very high reliability and high dependability. As an example on their commitment to this, the patent for their Annual Calendar used in the Sky Dweller was registered 15 years before it was announced in a watch. During the period, the module was subject to rigorous testing and analysis, and only after the engineers are satisfied with every aspect of its performance did they announce the Replica Rolex Watches Sky Dweller UK.

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