Luxury Rolex Oysterquartz Replica Watches UK For Sale Online

In 1977, top fake Rolex finally released the Oysterquartz Datejust with the brand new in-house caliber 5035. The construction of this 11-jewel movement was based on high quality replica Rolex’s top-of-the-line mechanical movement of the day, the automatic caliber 3035. The bridges, plates, and pallet designs were very similar, with the obvious differences being the battery, electric pulse motor, and quartz oscillator.

The 5035 was a phenomenal movement for the time. It featured an ambient temperature sensor that automatically adjusted the frequency based on the effects of extreme heat or cold. The frequency was four times faster than the Beta 21, meaning the watch was even more accurate than The Texan had been. And 18 months after the initial release, UK AAA replica Rolex released an upgraded version with a new, tuning-fork-shaped quartz crystal. This allowed the watch to gain official chronometer certification, with a minimum accuracy of ±0.2 seconds per day. Caliber 5055, a Day-Date version, was available as well in solid gold super clone watches online.

This week, I tried on the 1:1 fake Rolex you see here, reference 17000 from 1977. This is the same model of Oysterquartz that our dear reader Warky has. As a debut-year model, you’ll notice the single line of text at 6 o’clock, indicating that it was not chronometer-certified. Though the cheap replica Rolex Oysterquartz line as a whole ran for 25 years, models like this are the rarest of all, with a short production run of just 18 months. Still, this watch was selling for just under €4,600.

The Oysterquartz aesthetic
The looks of the perfect fake Rolex Oysterquartz descend from The Texan, but the watch is more “of the period” than its predecessor was. The case measures 36mm in diameter, keeping it in line with the mechanical Datejust. But it’s a bit more compact than its rounder, more mechanically inclined brother at just 42.5mm lug-to-lug. While that may sound small, its 12.5mm thickness and cushion shape give it more presence than its dimensions suggest.

The look of the dial is taken straight from the Datejust, with baton indices and straight stick hands, as well as the signature Rolex Cyclops lens. Like the Swiss made replica Datejust, it came with plain or fluted bezels, and with a variety of metal and dial combinations. It also came with a choice of two “flattened” bracelets, fashioned in Oyster and Jubilee-like styles. The wholesale copy Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date also offered a President-style bracelet, but it goes without saying that it was only in solid gold.

The part of the design that I enjoy most is the generous beveling on the edges of the case and bracelet. I love the contrast it gives to the broad, brushed surfaces, and the understated hint of luxury it provides. An all-brushed design would be a little too boring, whereas an all-polished one would be over the top. To me, sharp bevels like the ones we see here make the Rolex Oysterquartz fake for sale a truly perfect “anytime watch”. I can’t think of an outfit with which it would clash, and I only wish modern Swiss movement copy Rolex cases had details like this…

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