My Cheap Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches Online

The other Swiss replica Rolex in my collection is a Ref. 16570 Explorer II in the black dial execution. Mine dates back to 2004. This means it features Super-LumiNova, no drilled lug holes, and solid end links. I intended for my luxury replica Rolex Explorer II to be more of an everyday watch. To that end, I opted to go for a slightly younger model with functioning lume and those solid end links.

In many respects, it is the polar (pun intended) opposite of my perfect fake Rolex Datejust. My Datejust is chic, vintage, and classically small. My Explorer II is solid, sporty, and focused. This is what I like about this specific generation of 1:1 fake Rolex Explorer II. It has a Spartan simplicity to it. It is arguably one of the most bare-bones and under-the-radar Rolex sports watches. Only the glossy dial with applied white gold markers hints at the more glamorous future that aaa quality replica Rolex was building towards.

Admittedly, I had to grow into my Swiss movement copy Rolex Explorer II. I wore it often, then left it at the vault for a while. There was a long time when I felt more comfortable wearing more affordable watches. But I am happy to have rediscovered the 16570, which is currently my most-worn copy watch. It suits both my style and my lifestyle to a tee.

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