Predictions For New Replica Watches Rolex UK Could Launch In 2020

Rolex has always been conservative. Nothing in the world can remain unchanged for 50 years, but Rolex can. For the new perfect Rolex fake watches that it will launch this year, Monochrone has also made its prediction.

Someone guess that Rolex will launch new Submariner with new color-matching.

Black Dials Replica Rolex Submariner

It thinks that Rolex will launch new models to enrich the family of Submariner. Maybe the new Cal.3235 will be equipped inside of these new popular Rolex Submariner copy watches. Or Rolex will adopt the new color-matching to design its iconic Submariner.

Maybe Rolex will launch the Milgauss that reproduces the appearance of original model.

Black Bezel Fake Rolex Milgauss

Monochrone also guesses that original Milgauss will be reproduced. The knockoff watch with Oytersteel bracelet is quite different from the modern Milgauss with special green sapphire crystal.

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