This rare vintage 1:1 fake Rolex Sky-Rocket has a valuation that may surprise you

Usually, when you hear the terms rare Rolex or vintage Rolex it is safe to assume its value will be quite high. On a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, however, one guest who brought his rare vintage Rolex Sky-Rocket replica for sale learned that there are exceptions to the rule.

Now, you have probably heard of the modern Sky-Dweller – but this was not the first perfect replica Rolex watch to use the ‘Sky’ prefix. Antiques Roadshow expert Ben Wright shed more light on the watch, explaining: “It was made exclusively in Canada. And they curiously didn’t use a Rolex movement, which is very unusual. AAA quality fake Rolex adapted a Swiss movement for this watch. And they called it the Sky-Rocket. I have no clue why, but it was specifically bought or made for Canadian pilots in the Second World War.”

After doing a bit of digging on my own, it appears the luxury replica Rolex Sky-Rocket, as Wright explained, was made exclusively for the Canadian Royal Air Force. The watches were not issued to military personnel, rather they were available exclusively for purchase for servicemen. The quirk of the watch, aside from its 30mm diameter, which may not have been small for a casual watch of the era but certainly small for a pilot’s watch of any time period, is the fact that aaa quality fake Rolex did not manufacture the case or the movement for the watch. The cases were manufactured in North America, largely in New York, and the movements originated from Swiss movement maker Fontmelon. This is why the term ‘Oyster’ is noticeably absent on the dial, as it is not a Rolex-made oyster case.

Its smaller size and fewer top quality fake Rolex-made elements are ultimately why the watch is valued below £2,000 by Ben Wright. This is in line with what I found performing a quick search on eBay, with most listings below US$2,000. Fortunately for the guest, should he wish to part with his cheap replica Rolex Sky-Rocket, stands to make a profit. He can be heard telling Wright that he purchased the watch himself for just £300 – so he stands to make £1,200 or so. The question is, in the wake of this episode’s airing, will the newfound spotlight on the Swiss movement copy Rolex Sky-Rocket lead to an increase in market value? If you do not want to wait and find out, it would be best to track one down sooner rather than later if it piques your fancy.

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