UK AAA Fake Rolex Hikes Watch Prices by 5 Percent in UK as Sterling Slides

Swiss made replica Rolex UK raised prices for its watches in the UK after the value of the pound fell against the US dollar to near the lowest level in more than three decades.

The largest Swiss luxury watch brand increased the price of its cheap fake watches sold in Britain by an average of 5 percent on Sept. 1, a company spokesperson confirmed.

The price hike, first reported by trade publication WatchPro, follows a slide in the value of the British pound against the US dollar to $1.15 and near the lowest since 1985.

As the pound has weakened, the relative price for perfect Rolex replica watches became cheaper in the UK compared to other markets.
The price of a luxury fake Rolex Submariner without a date function increased to £7,500 ($8,600) from £7,150, WatchPro reported. The price of a red and blue bezel GMT Master II jumped to £9,000 from £8,400.

AAA quality fake Rolex raised prices by a similar amount in most major markets including the UK and the US in January.

The most popular Swiss luxury watch brand has a market share close to 29 percent and annual sales of about 8 billion Swiss francs ($8.2 billion). Demand for Rolex fake watches online has long outstripped supply and most customers are asked to join waiting lists with authorized dealers and wait months or even years before getting the call.

The high quality replica Rolex produces about a million watches a year.

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