The 2023 AAA Quality Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Has That Vintage Vibe

The gold 1:1 replica Rolex GMT-Master or GMT-Master II isn’t new. Indeed, there have been several iterations or references over the years. One of my favorites was the GMT-Master ref. 16758 — it’s also one that my Fratello colleague Mike owns. The perfect fake Rolex GMT-Master II in full gold (16718) would be the version I would go for as I prefer to have the independently adjustable hour hand when crossing time zones.

When Swiss made replica Rolex brought out the Everose gold GMT-Master II 126715CHNR in 2018, I was excited about it, and I still am. This year, however, Rolex introduced a new addition to the GMT-Master II family in yellow gold, ref. 126718GRNR, and a steel and gold (luxury copy Rolex calls this “Rolesor”) model, ref. 126713GRNR. Unlike the previous Everose and Everose Rolesor models from 2018, the new additions come exclusively on a Jubilee bracelet.

A Jubilee looks vintage
The Rolex Jubilee bracelet is one of the most comfortable bracelets I’ve worn (I also included it in the overview of the best bracelets out there). I have one on a Datejust, and that’s also the first Rolex watch that came with one back in 1945. Since then, AAA quality replica Rolex improved the Jubilee bracelet slowly but effectively, resulting in what it is today — a supple bracelet with an iconic design (and I don’t use this term lightly) and an Easylink comfort extension that can add an extra 5mm in length. Putting the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II on a Jubilee bracelet gives it that vintage vibe, just like the “Root Beer” models from previous decades.

Modern specifications
Buying a gold top super clone Rolex GMT-Master 16758 or 16718 would tap into that vintage vibe even more, or you could just decide to find a real vintage GMT-Master in gold, like a reference 1675/8. However, if it’s possible to buy the new 2023 Rolex GMT-Master II replica for sale at the retail price (€38,800), it would be very close to the price of a pre-owned or vintage model in good condition.

And to be honest, I think I’d be aiming for the modern 2023 high quality fake Rolex GMT-Master in gold. It has a solid bracelet (the older models often had hollow links) and a ceramic bezel with a Cerachrom insert, adding some modernity to a classic-looking watch. Inside is the Rolex caliber 3285, ensuring an accuracy of ±2 seconds per day on average, well within chronometer standards. It also provides a power reserve of no less than 70 hours. However, to tell the truth, even with older Rolex super clone watches online, you never have to worry about the movement.

Besides the full-gold Rolex GMT-Master II copy paypal with the Jubilee bracelet, Rolex also introduced the bi-color version (ref. 126713GRNR). My colleagues liked this version a bit better than the full-gold one, but as always, good taste is something that develops over time. Joking aside, it is mainly because the gray half of the bezel matches the steel parts of the watch a bit better, according to them. I agree to a certain extent, but I’ve noticed that in real life, the gray part of the bezel isn’t even that distinguishable from the black part. And I didn’t mind the black and gray color scheme on either version. It goes well with my hair (or what’s left of it) these days.

The retail price of the 2023 Swiss movement copy Rolex GMT-Master II 126713GRNR is €16,450. This Rolesor GMT-Master II has the same vintage vibe as the full-gold 126718GRNR. A best quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 in good condition can be found for just below that price, so based on the availability of the new one, there’s the option to go truly (neo-)vintage.

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